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Auction Camp & Event Camp

Both workshops are offered as an in-house training for individuals or groups. These entertaining and informative learning experiences include a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and personal stories from many years of event experience. Each Camp covers all aspects of events or fundraising auctions and is available in a full or half-day format. The Camp is also offered periodically as a seminar to the general public.


Consulting services are available for those who prefer to do it themselves with a little professional guidance. Many organizations can’t afford to pay a salary and benefits for an in-house event planner. Using our consulting services is a great way to get professional advice and creative ideas that you can implement on your own to save time and money.

You’ll immediately see your consulting investment pay off because we’ll show you things you may never learn on your own. We often can suggest ways to reduce expense or increase revenue that will more than cover the cost of our services

Speaking Engagements

Our president, Judy Anderson, is a frequent presenter at conferences, seminars and meetings providing stories and insights into the wondrous—and sometimes wacky—world of events and charity auctions.

"Thank you for making possible our Behind the Scenes workshop at your auction event. The information and experiences that you shared, as well as your good spirits during an incredibly busy day are all immensely appreciated. This experience was rated very highly by all 30 participants and I'm certain that it was valuable and influential to the development of our current and future event professionals"

Sandra Gladney, Program Director
University of Oregon
Festival & Event Management Certificate Program

Event Camp training at Oregon Convention Center

Reader board for Event Camp at Oregon Convention Center